Convoluted Heart, a wall hanging 24"x26"

$100.00 USD


Product Description

Convoluted Heart wallhanging

A small quilt loaded with symbolism–the wondering eyes, the wandering feet, the convoluted hearts.

Chaotic and complex emotions are represented in this small quilt. It was made during a Healing Stitches workshop where one of the women would often say “My heart doubled” when she spoke of anything emotional.

I thought this was a great phrase and wanted to put doubled hearts in my quilt, using a pleated purple fabric that stretched nicely.

But then I realized that my heart didn’t double, that my feelings were often more ambiguous and complicated. So I scrunched up the hearts, and sewed them all a bit awry-- convoluted hearts, yet still full of feeling.

Convoluted Heart, a wall hanging 24"x26" Convoluted Heart, a wall hanging 24"x26"

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