Kristin Miller Makes Wild Quilts!

I started quilting as a part-time hippie forty years ago. I'd always been a crafty person, trying out different projects, but quilting really captured me as nothing ever had before.

It has been amazing and gratifying to find that the world of quilting is ever more expansive, with always new territory to explore.

There were not very many quilt books when I first started quilting, so I ended up writing one myself. "The Careless Quilter: Decide-As-You-Sew, Design-As-You-Go" was a groundbreaker in its time, and remains a classic DIY for making quilts without pattern or pre-planning.

My quilts have changed a lot since then as I've honed my skills and explored new ideas.

This is the first time I've set up an online store where I've posted almost all of my quilts and wallhangings. Some were made years ago, some have just been finished. I've kept back a few of my favourites that I'm still not ready to part with. But someday I may offer them too.

I'm showing off my improvisational patchwork sunset and sea.
I'm pinning up scraps of lace doily to create seaweed for an undersea scene/
A large workspace makes creating easier.

Quilts on the Wild Side

Fresh, innovative designs and fine workmanship define Kristin Miller's hand-made quilts.. Quilt designs are original--not copies of someone else's work. Bright colours & unusual fabrics create vivid textile works of art