Plaid Shirt Ascending--wall quilt or lapquilt 45"x57"


Starry Night art quilt wallhanging 34"x45"


Dancing Through the Hoops, an art quilt 45"x59"


Topsy Turvy Potholder #5 (12"x14")


Sweet Baby Love baby quilt 30"x35"


Topsy Turvy Potholder #4 (12"x14")


Black Hen and Chicks wallhanging 12"x13"


Chicks in a Swirl, a small wallhanging or table mat 17"x15"


Darkness, a small hand-stitched artwork 20"x10"


Arc of Momentum, a small art quilt 14"x10"


Broken Necklace, a small art quilt 20"x10"


Dance of the Spirals art quilt 35"x45"


Hope Arising in Troubled Times, an inspirational wallhanging 26"x30"


Topsy Turvy Potholder #2 (12"x14")


Cosmic Quilt, a small quilt or large wallhanging 37"x48"


Topsy Turvy Potholder #1


Bright Star quilted tablecloth or wallhanging 41"x41"


The Careless Quilter: Decide-As-You-Sew, Design-As-You-Go Quiltmaking, by Kristin Miller


Quilter's Obsession, a medallion art quilt 60"x60"


Exuberant Star, a small wall quilt or table mat 18"x18"


Mind's Eye, a small wall quilt 19"x25"


Who's In Charge Here, Anyway? a large wall quilt 49"x60"


Dreamland Star Medallion table mat or wallhanging 19"x24"


Topsy Turvy Potholder #3 (12"x14"


April Awakening, a lap quilt, child's quilt, or large wall hanging 43"x54"


Multiplying Losses: Crazy War Quilt, an anti-war wallhanging 27"x39"


Multiplying Losses: Little Children, a small meditation on war 9"x6"


Multiplying Losses: Bright Spirits, an anti-war quilt 23"x54"


Path Above the Shore, a small wall quilt 9"x12"


Humpback Whale Rising wall hanging 20" x 28"


Reach for the Sky quilt art, 13"x22"


Convoluted Heart, a wall hanging 24"x26"


It's How You Play the Game, a wall-hanging 19"x24"


Quilts on the Wild Side

Fresh, innovative designs and fine workmanship define Kristin Miller's hand-made quilts.. Quilt designs are original--not copies of someone else's work. Bright colours & unusual fabrics create vivid textile works of art